How do low-energy fluorescent bulbs fare in a jousting contest with their LED counterparts?

A Guide to Low Energy Bulbs

Last up to 30 times longer and use 80% less energy

Low energy bulbs are small, light up quickly, look similar to a traditional bulb and are now the popular alternative. Converting just 10 rooms to low energy rooms could save you approximately £540 in energy costs and £375 in maintenance costs – a total of £915 a year*!

Most low energy bulbs can be used in light fittings designed for traditional bulbs and are available with a bayonet, screw, small bayonet or small screw light bulb holder. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and wattages.

Use our wattage converter guide shown here to find the bulb that compares best with the brightness you require. (Wattage convertor chart)


Low Energy vs LED

Low energy light bulbs, known as compact fluorescents (CFLs), are a good stepping stone between the soon-to-be phased out traditional bulbs and the more expensive LEDs. LEDs last 15 times longer than low energy bulbs and although they have a higher initial capital outlay they do provide better long-term payback. There are many considerations when choosing a suitable bulb as this depends on the application so if in doubt call our Low Energy Advice Team for help.


Dedicated Low Energy Fittings

Many of our light fittings have been designed to only be used with energy saving light bulbs, so once installed you will always save money on your lighting bills. These fittings come in many different styles – both modern and traditional – come in a variety of sizes for both indoor and outdoor use, and are identified by the LE symbol in our catalogue.


3 Easy Steps to Convert to Low Energy Bulbs

  1. Count and survey the bulbs in your premises making a note of the shapes, sizes, bulb holders (caps) and wattages you currently use
  2. Match the wattages to low energy equivalents using our chart
  3. Order your bulbs at, email your order to us at or phone us on 01908 651 100. We’ll be happy to take your order over the phone and/or help you with any queries.




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