The difficult area of classroom lighting needn’t be daunting with the right advice, and Lyco are ready to assist! Good light promotes good work, and improved concentration. The latest in high frequency fluorescent lighting is far-removed from the unhealthy tubes recalled by older generations, and is a good general lighting source for a classroom, ideally in combination with daylight. An overall uniformity of light is helped by light-coloured walls and ceilings, which reflect and diffuse light and help you to avoid the glare of direct lamps.

Where possible you can use dimmer switches to achieve a comfortable level of light, whilst simultaneously saving energy!




LED lighting can also be used in classrooms and other school areas, with ceiling panels being a particularly attractive solution. A cooler white light peaks alertness in humans, so it’s ideal in many learning environments. LEDs also deliver greater efficacy performance when they’re outputting a cooler light! Other inherent advantages in choosing LED is a phenomenally long lifespan—resulting in zero maintenance needs—and comparatively LED’s cool running temperature, which ensures no unwanted rise in ambient temperature and a reduced fire risk. Unlike fluorescent lighting LED also produces no UV, which better preserves school artworks!

Transitional Areas

To comply with European 12464-1 Standards areas of transition like a corridor leading to a playground should have an average illuminance level of 100 lux at floor level as a minimum, plus 75 lux for walls and 50 lux for ceilings. An entrance hall needs to have a working illuminance of 200 lux at floor level. So healthy levels of general lighting and uniformity are desirable!

Product Range

With T5 and T8 fluorescent strips being extremely efficient and LED lights being driven to new heights of performance there are various options available for educational lighting. Talk to Lyco’s team of experts to find the best solution for your school, college, or university!

“The team at Lyco have successfully managed our lighting supplies for seven years.  They have provided an outstanding service and as experts in their field, have given us un-biased and cost effective product advice to ensure that the lighting at our school continues to meet our needs.”
Steve (Maintenance Manager), Aldenham School