Choosing The Right Light

In hospitals and care homes lighting applications are diverse, with needs possibly ranging from high performance emergency lighting for critical task areas such as operating theatres to comforting, uniform levels of light in wards, patient rooms, and visiting rooms. The level of lighting in corridors needs to be higher by law than many other establishments, too, with a minimum 200 lux requirement at floor level. Lyco’s resident team of lighting experts can help you make exactly the right decisions in making healthcare environments safe and welcoming.


Function Over Form

Some areas of healthcare lighting need to be particularly oriented to the welfare of visitors. In kitchen areas and bathrooms a cooler white light often works well, since it causes a greater feeling of alertness for task-oriented purposes. Outside the building front wall lights, post lights, and maybe PIR security lights can be added to ensure easy navigation for visitors and inpatients alike.

LED Lighting

In many areas of healthcare an LED solution might provide an effective, low cost means of illumination with minimal maintenance requirements. In patient areas LED reading lights and bedside table lamps can run at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Emergency lights, too, are a particular LED strength, because the light of an LED is naturally directional and runs at full power almost instantaneously. Talk to Lyco about LED lighting and what it can do for you!

“The Account Management team at Lyco provide outstanding service and expert product knowledge which made them the obvious choice when selecting a supplier for all our lighting requirements.  We are looking forward to working with the  team on our LED conversion programme.”
Steven Buchan, BMI Healthcare