The Rich Tapestry of Lighting

The lighting needs of hotel and hospitality environments are many and diverse, but for every situation Lyco can offer you a ready solution. The type of establishment you’re running will be key; in a plush fine-dining restaurant designer lights with a warm 2700K output are one recipe for ambience, whereas a snappy daytime eatery might use a cooler, more functional lighting system to keep customers on the move.

Hotels of course are extremely variable in their requirements. Corridors can be lit generally with downlights or pendants, depending on ceiling height, whilst a showy chandelier will create a memorable first impression in hotel entrances. Bedrooms will require everything from comfortable general lighting to reading lamps, shaving lights, and water-friendly bathroom lights. A few wall lights will add to the relaxing atmosphere.


In spa areas you might require anything from a warm, soothing light in relaxation areas, or coloured LEDs perhaps around pool areas. Table lamps, picture lights, candles, and wall lights might all have a role to play. The style of fitting will clearly depend on your chosen décor, but whether your needs are contemporary, traditional, or slightly Zen Lyco can help.

Lyco’s Product Range

For every area of your hotel or hospitality premises there is a particular lighting product to best illuminate it. Lyco’s expertise can drill down into the subtlest of requirements so that you always end up with the best bulb or light fitting for the job. Whether you’re admiring pictures in a corridor or chopping carrots in a kitchen, we’ll provide you with exactly the right product.

The LED Role

Many hospitality environments are ripe for a conversion to LED, and the vested interest lies as much with the proprietor as with lighting retailers. Many businesses across the world have reported substantial savings by switching incandescent and CFL lighting schemes to LED. Lyco are on hand to assist you every step of the way in any LED conversion; contact us for a completely free consultation.

“The professional team at Lyco manages all our lighting supplies saving us time and reducing our costs.  The Account Management team use their wealth of experience to help us make the right product choice.  We are delighted to be working with Lyco on the first steps to LED conversion.”
Ben Joblin, Champneys