Leading Lights

From the moment your customer walks through the door to their exit at checkout, the importance of lighting cannot be overstated. You need to provide good uniform levels of general lighting for the comfort and easy navigation of customers, and in many types of store you’ll need high quality accent lighting to show off your merchandise to its best effect. In particularly high-end environments such as fashion boutiques you’ll want to pay attention to the quality of light and its colour rendering ability, whilst a more down-to-earth frozen food shop places an emphasis on lighting with minimal heat emissions. A gallery may also desire minimum heat, and a lack of UV radiation that makes LED a prime candidate!


Style and Substance

Retail environments often need to pay attention to style, and ambience. Less so when the customer is buying frozen peas, but very much so in modern electrical stores, fashion boutiques, and even book shops—where customers are often actively encouraged to relax. The styles of shops vary considerably; you might compare the often traditional mood of clothes shops with the almost futuristic feel of many electronics or motoring showrooms.


The Road to LED

A conversion to LED can have substantial benefits for retail businesses, which are often lit beforehand by halogen or CFL downlights or reflectors. Shopping centres and stores that have made the switch already have reported massive savings in their energy bills, and the same benefit may be awaiting you! Lyco are fully committed to LED and its many advantages, and can offer you a free, no-obligation consultation with projected returns on any investment, should you be interested.

“The Account Management team at Lyco provide an unrivalled service and use their wealth of experience to advise us on all areas of our store lighting.  We continue to benefit from their un-biased, cost effective product advice and look forward to working with the team on future lighting projects.”
Paresh Majithia, Timpson