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Lyco offer only the highest quality products from brand names you can trust!
Huge stocks
Whatever the material needs of your business, Lyco’s huge stock is a font of replenishment.
Consistent quality
Lyco’s careful selection process assures you of product quality you can depend upon.
Focus on the latest trends and LED technology
Always with an eye on all types of change, Lyco’s product ranges move with the times!


Range of Products Available on

The stock of equipment required by the average business is enormous, and for many years Lyco has been supplying all manner of businesses with items ranging from fridge-freezers to batteries! Our range of catering equipment can fully arm a self-sufficient canteen area, with microwave ovens, kettles, and toasters all available, and for those at the business end of catering we supply a range of highly specialist lamps for fridges, ovens, and hotplates. A vast selection of maintenance and cleaning equipment is also available, from electrical gear for servicing workstations to chemicals and mops for washing the floor. You can rely on Lyco when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly!

Also under out business essentials remit is everything you need in terms of safety, security, and fire protection. Your personnel are looked after with first aid kits and personal safety items, whilst bolts, padlocks, bike racks and security cameras offer protection for their possessions! Our fire safety gear includes everything from signage to fire alarms and extinguishers. For the comfort of your workforce during winter and summer months we offer heaters, fans, and air conditioning units. All that is required to maintain a contented and efficient workforce can be provided by us—except the wages!