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The various applications for indoor lighting are many, but each of those applications is catered for by Lyco! If you’re in the hospitality business and want to wow your visitors, you might look at our choices in designer lighting for that little bit of pizzazz. Perhaps you’re a restaurant owner looking to define table space with a downlighting pendant? You might create mood at the tables with a liquid wax or LED candle. In the hallway or corridor you’re using dedicated picture lights or a track lighting system to display art, and maybe you have LED downlights or an uplighting pendant providing general illumination. Perhaps you’re designing for an office space and are looking at our efficient LED ceiling panels? You might be looking at high frequency fluorescent lights enveloped by a polycarbonate enclosure for hard-wearing use.

For water-prone areas such as bathrooms, washrooms, indoor pools and changing rooms, Lyco provides a vast choice of water resistant lights and luminaires, whether it’s an IP65-rated downlight, wall light, bulkhead, or mirror light. For some indoor areas a discreet microwave movement sensor helps you to avoid wasting energy. You might require some task lighting, which encompasses anything from a wall-mounted LED reading light, to a desk lamp, to an overhanging floor lamp. Under-cabinet lighting is ideal in the kitchen, where it can focus light on a work area whilst avoiding the issue of chefs blocking their own light! A vast range of wonderfully decorative table lamps from leading suppliers is also available at Lyco. If you’re in an indoorsy mood, let Lyco accommodate your requirements!