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With LED being a compact, tough technology as well as a low powered one, it can follow incandescent lamps to places unreachable by low-energy fluorescent. Indeed, LED technology is frequently used to produce the lowest-profile light fittings, for example downlights, helped by less onerous heat dissipation needs than a halogen equivalent. What’s more, the longevity of LED lighting is so great that LEDs are included as an integral part of many fittings, complete with driver, thus enabling designers to build luminaires from the ground up and maximize on delivered light efficiency.

Bearing these things in mind, the range of LED products available is vast—its scope virtually limitless. Its near-absurd low consumption of power creates exciting possibilities for outside lighting, where products such as security lights and garden lights can be perpetually powered by a solar-charged battery. LEDs solid-state resistance to shock, vibration, and the cold make it an effective replacement for industrial work or yard lights, and in that scenario the amount of energy and money LED saves is potentially epic! Any area where you keep lights on for long durations is a prime candidate for LED replacement. For decorative effect and ambience, either outdoors or in, the versatility of LED strips—usually weatherproof—is difficult to beat.

The potential for LED lighting indoors is equally boundless. Relentless R&D from companies around the world has driven efficacy performance to a level that matches and exceeds the best fluorescent tubes and easily surpasses CFL lamps. As if that weren’t enough, LED consolidates its advantage with a ponderous lifespan that might exceed that of its investor, which all but eradicates maintenance costs! The colour quality of LEDs is also rapidly evolving, so indoor LED display, accent, and critical task lighting is ever more desirable. Complying with Part L Building Regulations is made easier by LED too, whether you’re installing dedicated LED luminaires or regular fixtures with retro-fitting LED bulbs. Then there are emergency lighting regulations to conform to, and LED excels in that department as well with its inherently directional output helping to focus required amounts of light in escape route areas.

Product Focus: Spotlights

GU10 and MR16 spotlights are commonly used to display products and illuminate high-traffic areas. In constant use, savings can be quickly realised through a reduction in electricity costs when you make the switch from traditional halogen bulbs to LED.


Halogen GU10

  • 50 Watts
  • 3,000 hours average life
  • Extremely hot

LED Replacement

  • 5.5W = 50W
  • 25,000 hours average life
  • Up to 89% energy saving

Product Focus: Fluorescent Tubes

Seen in offices and commercial properties around the world, fluorescent tubes are a very popular type of industrial lighting. You can either swap out the tubes in your existing fittings, or swap the entire fitting out for an LED panel to achieve a softer light and save energy.


LED Tubes

  • 30W = 58W
  • 30,000 hours average life
  • Up to 40% energy saving

LED Panel

  • 38 Watt
  • 50,000 hours average life
  • Even light distribution

Product Focus: 2Ds / Double Ds

This versatile fluorescent lamp is used in fittings commonly seen in corridors and stairwells. As with almost all types of lighting now, there are LED replacements that ‘retro-fit’ straight into your existing fittings, helping you save energy and electricity with little effort.


Fluorescent 2D

  • 38 Watt
  • 15,000 hours average life

LED 2D Replacement

  • 18W = 38W
  • 30,000 hours average life
  • Up to 57% energy saving

Product Focus: Traditional GLS

Despite the gradual phase-out of incandescent bulbs, the iconic GLS shape is still the most instantly recognisable ‘Light bulb’. There are some great LED alternatives that won’t look out of place in your existing light fittings.


Incandescent GLS

  • 60 Watts
  • 1,500 hours average life
  • Production phase-out

LED Replacement

  • 8W = 60W
  • 30,000 hours average life
  • Up to 85% energy saving