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Whatever your need is for a particular commercial lighting application, you can be sure there is a bulb best suited to the job. Sometimes, finding that bulb is a question of priorities, but if you ever need help on a lighting decision Lyco are a phone call away! Perhaps you’re a specifier looking to meet Part L Building Regulations? Your life can be made a little easier with retro-fitting LED or CFL bulbs, with efficacy performance in the former being driven up to impressive levels. For accent lighting, task lighting, or display lighting, the pure white light of halogen reflectors has traditionally been difficult to beat, but lately LED has offered a real alternative in addition to saving businesses small fortunes in reduced energy costs!

In choosing a bulb you’ll often want to focus on its inherent qualities. The warm output of incandescent bulbs induces a relaxing feel, and its spread of light is wide. Decorative filament incandescent bulbs are a fantastic choice for hospitality environments. Halogen light is usually a little cooler, and the brightly burning halogen filament produces a light that is perceived as being very pure. All incandescent bulbs are colour accurate, whilst also warm in hue, and with a wide spread of light are naturally ideal for pendants and chandeliers. LED lights are directional, so their unmodified output is ideal for economical spotlighting, in reflectors for instance. The latest household LED bulbs provide competition for older GLS lights with a multidirectional output. Lyco’s stock of industrial-oriented lamps is vast, too, so if you’re seeking anything from a sodium lamp to a catering lamp, be sure to come to us first!