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Outdoor lighting in industrial areas might include floodlights or work lights, and security lights, with light sources such as halogen, metal halide, and SON traditionally fulfilling these roles. More recently low-energy fluorescent and especially LED alternatives have provided a way to make vast savings in energy costs in such applications. LED security lights can be solar-powered, with the integral battery recharging by day and the light automatically triggered by ebbing levels of light. All rather convenient! The same LED and solar combo has been mooted as a way of providing what is effectively free lighting in third-world countries.
Also ideal for industrial yards and work areas are tough, no-nonsense bulkheads with suitably high IP-ratings for weather and dust resistance. A choice of these awaits you at Lyco!

For slightly more genteel environments, such as restaurants, hotels, leisure centres, and residential homes, a different selection of outdoor lights applies. You still might install the security light—perhaps with a PIR movement sensor—but you’ll also be considering signage lighting, decorative wall lanterns, garden lights highlighting paths and features, or maybe walkover lights for decking or outdoor pool areas. If you’re a contemporary restaurant you might be thinking of an outdoor floor lamp. Many of these applications are ideal for LED, it must be said, since it provides the toughness required as a walkover light, it can be solar driven as a garden light, and it fits into the small designs often used in outdoor relaxation areas. LED flexi-strips are a hardy choice for outdoor use too, easily withstanding British weather but providing the potential for some soothing outdoor illumination. With Lyco, the outdoors is definitely great!