After several years of EU incandescent phase-out, what remains of the electric light bulb?

The end of the light bulb…fact or myth?

We are constantly being asked how much longer traditional light bulbs will continue to be available. The answer is that the EU have set out a programme for the phasing out of specific light bulbs – we have already seen the end of production for all pearl/opal traditional bulbs.

Below is a guide to when some bulbs will disappear from the ‘shelves’. However we still have some stock so if you are keen to keep your old favourites we recommend you buy them before they are all gone.

Lyco offer many low energy and ultra low energy LED bulbs that look like traditional light bulbs but which also meet the EU regulations so when you are ready to switch we have a comprehensive range for you to choose from.


Light Bulb Phase-out Timetable

September 2009
Clear bulbs which are 80 watts or more

September 2010
Clear bulbs which are 65 watts or more

September 2011
Clear bulbs which are 45 watts or more

September 2012
Clear bulbs which are 12 watts or more. Also T12 38mm diameter fluorescent tubes, some metal halide and high pressure sodium light bulbs